About the Prints

 What is a Moody Road Studios print?

We mix this vintage practice with modern imagery to create your one-of-a-kind original artwork. We've created a short FAQ here, and please be sure to check out our blog for more printmaking history, facts and definitions! 

Q. What is a print?

A. There are four kinds of printmaking techniques: woodcut (this is what Moody Road Studios uses), etching, lithography, and screenprint. Each of these techniques is capable of producing multiples of a single image. Since each piece produced is original, these are called prints, or impressions. 

Q. Who makes the images?

A. All Moody Road Studios prints are hand-drawn and designed by artist Mark Milroy. At this time, we are happy to consider commissions and suggestions, but all images are original to Mark. You can find more information about his paintings and other work here: www.markmilroy.com 

Q. How does Moody Road make their prints?

A. First, Mark draws an image on a piece of clear pine, keeping in mind that the image and letters will be reversed, like in a mirror. Second, he uses a combination of sharp tools (small spoon-shaped gauges and knives) to carve the image into the block--what remains raised will catch the ink and appear on the paper. Third, he uses a round rubber brayer to ink the woodcut. Fourth, he lays the inked block onto the press-bed and places a piece of paper on top of the block. He covers these with felt blankets to protect the paper and blocks from direct contact with the steel roller of the press. Finally, he cranks the wheel (seen in the photo above), moving the block through the press. Viola! One print is created. For an edition of 50, he must ink and crank 50 times. 


Q. What is an edition?

A. Prints are created in batches called editions. This is the number of prints of a certain image that exist. For example, if you buy a print from an edition of 50, there are only 49 other prints like yours out in the world. A small edition preserves the integrity of your print. 

Q. How is a Moody Road Studios print different from a reproduction or giclee or digital inkjet color photocopies?

A. Sometimes, photographic reproductions or computer print-outs are referred to as prints. These are actually copies. Even if the artist gave permission for the copies to be made, or they are editioned and signed by the artist, they are not technically considered prints or original works of art. Don't get us wrong--we love reproductions and they certainly have their place! But this is not what Moody Road Studios is about.

Q. I'm still confused. How can I find more information?

A. The Museum of Modern Art has a fantastic interactive graphic that explains the printmaking process. You can access this here: http://www.moma.org/interactives/projects/2001/whatisaprint/flash.html

Q. Why doesn't Moody Road Studios include Certificates of Authenticity?

A. The printshop's artist, Mark Milroy, signs and editions every print by hand. This automatically certifies authenticity.

Q. How is a Moody Road Studio print packaged and shipped?

A. The print is secured in an acid-free clear protective sleeve. Then we place the print(s) in a custom chipboard album cover. We even hand-print our packaging! This goes into a padded envelope with cardboard protectors. We ship USPS to all 50 states. The best part? Right now, all domestic shipping is FREE! 

Album Sleeve Packaging

Q. I need the print fast--like, tomorrow. Can you help me?

A. We'll do our best! If you have special shipping needs, email us at hello@moodyroadstudios.com and we'll get right back to you with possibilities and pricing. 

Q. Do you offer framing?

A. Not at this time, though we hope to in the future. We suggest float-mounting your print to show off the feathery deckled edge of the print paper (a mark of the process of hand-tearing the paper). We love to see pictures of the prints in your home! Please send us pictures or post them to our facebook page.

Q. Can I send a Moody Road Studios print as a gift?

A. Yes! The prints make superb gifts for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, holiday, or just because. There is a "Special Instructions" box on the Check Out page. Please use this space to tell us that this is a gift and we'll add a little fancy wrapping. We're also happy to hand-write a note if you'd like--just tell us what you want it to say!